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Putting the presidential election in a positive light

I have never been as involved in politics than I have been this year. When the UK was voting to either stay or leave the EU, I read everything about it. I followed the news like never before. I wanted to be as well informed as I could, because for the first time I felt that politics could actually have a big impact on my life. When the UK voted for Brexit, I was upset, angry. I couldn’t understand why and I didn’t want to believe it.

Suddenly it was November, time for the presidential elections in America. Once again I felt very involved in this, even though I am not American. The internet was infected by it; articles, tweets and facebook videos appeared out of nowhere and made this election feel so much closer to home.  I’ve seen a lot of hate, over-passionately supporters stating black and white commentary. As Stephen Colbert said in his show during the presidential elections;  “We’ve overdosed, especially this year. We drank too much of the poison.”

Personally, I would be a Clinton supporter. I believe in equality; I think we should break down the white male privilege and listen to the minorities in society. I believe we should take climate change into serious consideration. I’m pro-choice, pro-gun laws and I feel good about her plans for immigration.
I hoped I’d be celebrating the election of the first female president of the United States today, but instead the opposite party wins. And it’s never fun when the opposite party wins. Someone you disagree with, someone who had upset you with the things they’ve said, someone you think shouldn’t be running one of the most influential nations on this planet.

Election Vote Buttons

But I believe in democracy.  Even though Clinton gained more votes than Trump, the American voting system resulted in a Trump victory. I, or we, might not like it, but we’re going to have to live with it. It’s important that once again we’re shown that our voices matter. Once again there has been a very small difference in votes, same thing that happened in the UK during the Brexit referendum. 46,9% of eligible Americans didn’t use their voice. This election is a lesson in democracy. For all of those who believed their vote wouldn’t matter, it would have mattered. We can use this as a lesson for everybody who didn’t vote and for the generations after us.

Let’s focus on how we’ve finally seen a female presidential candidate. We can’t ignore the fact that this is a massive breakthrough for feminism. Women didn’t even have the right to vote in the first elections and here we are; a female candidate. She might have lost, but she made a massive first step for those who will follow in her footsteps and succeed.

Let’s focus on the millennials. If we look at the demographics, we see that Clinton has a nearly nationwide advantage over Trump with millennials. It’s true that the majority of voters over 45 years old voted for Trump but instead of looking at this as “the older generation is ruining the world for the younger generation” we should take a step back. This shows a massive change in the way society thinks. Progress is in the long term future but we shouldn’t ignore that the change is there.


Let’s focus on how the millennials support equality. Equality for everybody, also the people that don’t fit in the category of white American male. Trump promises to “Make America Great Again”. Great for who? Great for the American born white males. For America to stay the white male privileged country it has always been. But change is coming, and whether or whether not Trump supporters are aware of it, I think it scares them that millennials are slowly taking down the concept of white male privileges. I don’t know whether that is one of the underlaying reasons why Trump won, but I do believe that the the way the millennials think scares the older generation.

Let’s focus on change. Clinton might have lost the election, but she has started something much bigger. We’ve seen a dramatic change this election season, a woman running for president and the massive support of millanials for equality and unity.

American has voted, Trump will become the next president. If you agree with his views or not, this is our future now. Let’s stop the hate and nurture the positive flames!

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My name is Nele (Nayla), a Dutch 21 year old girl who moved to England to study English and Creative Writing. I have a lot of interests which I love to write about on my blog


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